• Fire Protection
  • Intrusion
  • Access Control
  • Video

Fire Protection

Meeting fire regulations can be intimidating. With fire inspections and fire marshal approval required prior to occupancy, rely on the wrong integrator and you can end up having your operation shut down until further notice. The design and installation of fire detection systems requires experience, precision and practicality. IFSS has designed, installed, implemented and repaired fire detection systems in facilities from airports to warehouses to office buildings. We get it right the first time, and can handle the project from from design to sign-off from the fire marshal. Now that’s peace of mind to go with dependable fire protection!


In today’s day and age, your people and property are unfortunately subject to assaults from individuals with harmful intentions. Breaking and entering is a common problem and intrusion alarms are necessary to protect people and facilities. IFSS offers high-end industrial grade intrusion alarms from the most established, trusted providers in the industry. When designing your intrusion alarm, we take into account your particular facility’s configuration, your most vulnerable assets, and other systems you may already have in place. Top-quality equipment combined with our peerless expertise yields intrusion alarm systems that are effective and easy to use.

Access Control

Access control systems are nothing if not well designed. It’s not about the card reader on the door, but about where it is implemented, how it is managed, and whether or not there is context for the data recorded. Whether working to ensure safe egress, designing a system that will protect special assets, or accommodating a high-traffic space, IFSS starts with your objectives, challenges and facility in mind when implementing any access control system. A knowledgeable partner, IFSS has hands-on experience with the hundreds of equipment options and configurations available when it comes to access control, and designs a system that meets your unique needs.


Well-implemented, video is a powerful tool, providing the ability to see what is happening in a facility at all times. But poorly implemented, it can cost thousands of dollars and yet fail to capture that data you need most. Designing and installing video systems the right way is a complicated business. To get the results you need, it’s not just about hanging a camera. IFSS has experience designing, implementing and installing video systems that work. By strategically positioning video to complement other security systems, you can increase the ROI on both. IFSS is also adept at balancing user requirements with practical budgetary and bandwidth constraints that come into play with video systems. Don’t partner with someone who just hangs cameras; partner with IFSS to design the video solution that is right for you!